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Eco-Friendly & Natural. The Sea Sponge is a renewable natural resource. While harvesting, divers are careful to ensure that the base of the sponge remains intact.  This puts into motion its natural reproduction.  The sponge then will re-grow within a few years, often bigger and healthier than its original state. Studies show that areas harvested actually increase the population density of sponges.  Additionally, the sponges have amazing regenerative powers as the natural process of the tide and currents will pick up sponges and they will re-grow in new locations.

The packaging can be done in all possible ways, such as the customer wishes

  • Bale: is compressed sponges dry and then should be wet to regain their size. In this case the transport costs are the lowest.
  • Cartons: the sponges are ready in their original size.
  • Also we can pack each item and sent in cardboard boxes, where the only thing left is to sell.

Here in this small part of world where civilization was born, the man from the beginning was charmed by the magic of this fruit of the sea the sponge  and was encouraged to collect and use it in his life.
Homer in the Iliad puts a sponge into the hands of god Hephaestus who cleans his face, hands and chest before wearing his jacket.

In the Odyssey the servants of the palace of Odysseus clean with "polytrypa" sponges Royal tables after meals wasteful of the suitors of Penelope.

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